RFI Tutorial Center

The Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Tutorial Center contains educational material about RFI – its Sources, Paths, and Victims and associated suppression techniques for general use and specific device/systems solutions (RFI kits).

RFI Tutorials

RFI Presentations (PDF, Power point, ODP Slide Shows)

RFI Tips, Tricks & Techniques

RFI Application Notes

Curing Consumer Electronics RFI: RFI Tip Sheet #3C – Consumer RFI

Ham Radio RFI Solutions Overview

Ham Radio RFI Solutions Cheat Sheet

Choosing a Feed line Choke

How many chokes do I need?

RFI and You #1 – Source, Receptor, Path and Cure

RFI and You #2 – Answering machine interference and cure

Third Party RFI Links

What To Do if You Have an Electronic Interference Problem (ARRL Link)