Bits & Pieces

We get many requests for spare parts for out of production Palomar Engineer products.  Here are the ones we have on hand:


Tuner Tuner Fuse Replacement

20131117 140527 - Bits & Pieces

Tuner Tuner Interior Showing Fuse Location

As time goes by older products are discontinued. This happened to the fuses used in the PT-340 Tuner-Tuner. We have a replacement fuse that works equally well but is smaller. To use it squeeze the fuse holder clips together with a pair of pliers. When you release them they will be closer together and will hold the new fuse firmly.    Remember to take the Tuner Tuner off line before you transmit next time!                

PT-340 Tuner Tuner Replacement Fuses (Order PT-340-F)                          Price:     4 for $10                                                                                  USA Shipping:       $2.50