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Dog Bone Antenna Insulators (Pair)

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Very stealthy, strong, pair of 2 PVC, 2 1/4" long. 1" wide. 1 1/8" hole separation wire antenna insulators

Note: color may be black, gray or white depending upon inventory

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These RFI kits are specifically selected to cure most household computer device RFI problems. It contains ferrite toroids for AC or DC power supply protection and Snap On ferrite spli beads selected to eliminate RFI from 1 to 1000 Mhz. The beads are easy to use, don’t require modification of the protected equipment and work in almost all cases, even when plug-in filters fail. 



Typical Installations


20131210 115137 150x150 - Computer RFI Kits

Ethernet Cable on F-240 Toroid – 7 turns

20131210 114800 150x150 - Computer RFI Kits

Ethernet Cable on FSB-1/2 – 3 turns for 9X Impedance

20131210 1148191 150x150 - Computer RFI Kits

Ethernet Cable on FSB-1/4

20131210 114716 150x150 - Computer RFI Kits

AC Cable on F-240 Toroid – 6 turns

20131210 114844 150x150 - Computer RFI Kits

DSL Modem DC Power Supply on F114-43 Toroid – 5 Turns