RFI Tutorial Center

The Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Tutorial Center contains educational material about RFI – its Sources, Paths, and Victims and associated suppression techniques for general use and specific device/systems solutions (RFI kits).


Ferrite Mix Selection

Ferrite Cross Reference

Ferrite Chatter Noise

RFI Tips, Tricks & Techniques

RFI Presentations (PDF, Power point, ODP Slide Shows)

RFI Application Notes

Ham Radio RFI Solutions Overview

Ham Radio RFI Solutions Cheat Sheet

Choosing a Feed Line Choke

How many chokes do I need?

RFI and You #1 – Source, Receptor, Path and Cure

RFI and You #2 – Answering machine interference and cure

Using Ferrite Beads to Keep RF Out Of TV Sets, Telephones, VCR’s, Burglar Alarms and Other Electronic Equipment

Third Party RFI Links

What To Do if You Have an Electronic Interference Problem (ARRL Link)

FCC Interference Handbook link