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FSB75-1/2, ID=1/2", RFI Range 150Khz-10 MHz

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Product Details
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA
Initial Permeability (@ 10KHz): 5000
Material: MnZn
Max cable size - in/mm: .5/12.7
OD (A) - in/mm: 1.14/29
ID (B) - in/mm: .514/13.1
Length (C) - in/mm: 1.14/29
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 200 KHz): 20
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 500 KHz): 58
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 1 MHz): 102
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 2 MHz): 70
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 5 MHz): 50

Ferrite Snap On, ID = .514in/13.1 mm, Mix 75

Excellent for AC/DC power cables on switching power supplies and data/audio/video cables for AM broadcast RFI suppression.

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