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CUBE Impedance Transformers (<1:1, 1:1, >1:1)

Palomar Engineers offers a variety of impedance transformers configured as Baluns (balanced coax to unbalanced load) or Ununs (unbalanced coax to unbalanced load) for matching typical 50 ohm feed line impedances to antenna or other load impedances.

We specify impedance ratios as an output to input ratio where the output (or load) is given first and the input is given second (e.g. 100:50 (2:1) would mean a 100 ohm output and a 50 ohm input; a 25:50 (1:2) would mean a 25 ohm load and a 50 ohm input). Most all products use a 50 ohm input unless otherwise specified.

We have products that are available as kits for the do-it-yourself (DIY) person or fully assembled and tested units for the “Plug & Play” crowd.