PD-800 Digital Frequency Display

Purpose.  Many of the classic radios of the 1960’s arid 1970’s are still in use. They work well and sound good. The newer modern rigs have many “bells and Whistles”, a lot of them not really useful. But they do have one very important improvement: a digital readout .. The PD-8OO Digital Frequency Display adds this
valuable feature to your older rig.

Description.  PD-8OO works with transceivers that have three oscillators in their heterodyne scheme. One usually a crystal oscillator, another a VFO or variable frequency oscillator, and the other a fixed frequency “carrier oscillator” . Three cables bring these signals to the Digital Display where, in two mixers, the exact operating frequency is regenerated. This Is displayed on a six digit numerical readout.

Here are a few pictures of the PD-800 configured for the Heathkit HW101 transceiver.



Here is the power supply that came with the PD800


The operating manual is HERE