Ferrite Cross Reference

Construction articles in magazines and books often use part numbers of firms no longer in business or whose parts are hard to find. Many Palomar Engineers parts are identical or can be used as replacements. Use these tables to find substitutes.


Outside Diameter Palomar Part Number Indiana General Part Number Indiana General Old Part No.
2.4”    61mm F-240 F568-1 CF-123
1.14”    29mm F-114 F626-12 CF-114
.82”    21mm F-82 F624-19 CF-111
.50”   12.7mm F-50A F627-8 CF-108
.37”    9.5mm F-37 F625-9 CF-102
.23”    6mm F-23 F303-1 CF-101



u Palomar Indiana General Stackpole Fair Rite Neosid Ferroxcube
125 61 Q1 C/11 61 F16 4C4,4C6,4C65
40 63 Q2 C/12 63
40 67 Q2 C/12 67 F25
20 68 Q3 C/14 68
850 43 H C/7D 43 F19 3D3,4A11,4A15
5000 75 O6 75 3E2A,3E4
1800 77 TC9 C/24B 77 F5/F44 3B7/3B9,3C96/3F3
1800 73 C/24 73 F5A 3C8,3C90/3C94

Note:    Mix 67 replaces old 63.    Mix 77 replaces old 73.
To order cores specify both size and material. Example: F50-61


Iron Powder Cores: Amidon and Palomar part numbers are the same.
Ferrite Ring CoresAmidon “FT” cores are the same as Palomar “F” cores.
Ferrite Beads: Table below shows bead size. To complete part number add Mix number. Amidon puts Mix first.
Palomar puts Mix at end.              Example: Amidon FB-43-101 is Palomar FB1-43.

Snap On Split Beads: See examples in table below.

Amidon Beads Palomar
FB-101 FB-1
FB-201 FB-2
FB-301 FB-3
FB-801 FB-8
FB-1801 FB-18
FB-2401 FB-24
Amidon Beads Palomar
FB-6301 FB-63
FB-43-5621 FB-56-43
FB-43-1020 FB-102-43
2X-43-251 FSB-1/4
2X-43-151 FSB-1/2
BLN-43-2402 BLN-24-43

Ferrite Rods: Palomar Engineers R61-12-050 (12″ long, 1/2″ diameter, Material 61) is same as Amidon R61-050-1200

Binocular Cores: Palomar Engineers BLN-68-61 is equivalent to Amidon BN-61-6802