Loop Antennas

Loop antennas may be constructed in many forms including horizontal full wave loops in square, rectangle or triangle (delta) shapes.  They can also be in the vertical plane and are most often in the same shapes with the delta being very popular as it has both vertical and horizontal polarization.  The impedance at the loop resonant frequency is approximately 100 ohms but will very slightly on harmonics.  Loops are “quiet” antennas compared to verticals and dipoles and are omni-directional.  The also exhibit gain on harmonic bands.  Once you try a loop antenna you will know why they are so popular with old timers but still a secret to newcomers.  Shown below are some typical designs:


Full Wave Horizontal Loop Antenna (a.k.a Skyloop)

Palomar Horizontal Loop Config 2022 300x202 - Loop Antennas

This antenna is horizontally polarized and should be mounted as high as possible but works well at low heights of 10-30 feet.  They are quieter than a dipole or a vertical, have a broader bandwidth and will usually out perform a dipole antenna.To determine the approximate circumference in feet of a full wave loop antenna use the formula:

1005/Freq in Mhz = length in feet.

The feed point impedance of a full wave loop antenna is theoretically in the vicinity of 120 ohms and requires a 2:1 impedance transformer (for single band loops or a 4:1 balun to match on multiple bands) with 50 ohm line.  You will also need a feed line choke or better yet, just get the Hybrid 4:1+1:1 in a single box.

Vertical Delta Loops

Palomar Vertical Loop Config 300x198 - Loop Antennas

Vertical delta loops can be oriented several way but the most popular is to have the “pointy” end at the top (usually a single support) and the lower horizontal ends just out of reach of humans and animals.  Best feed point is 1/4 wavelength (246/f(mhz)) from the top point down one side.  Vertical delta loops use the same 2:1 baluns as the horizontal loops or 4:1 for multi-band operation.


20-6 Meter Loop Antenna System with 4:1 Balun and Choke Combo, (20, 17, 15, 12, 11, 10, 6 meters) 500/1.5KW/5KW PEP Options

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Product Details
MPN: PAL2010LOOP-500, -1500, -5000
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA
Input ohms/Output ohms: 50 in/200 out
Frequency Range < 2:1 SWR (MHz): 1.8-61MHz
PEP Power Rating (watts): 500/1.5KW/5KW
Input Connector: SO-239
Output Connector(s): Eyebolts/Wing Nut
Hardware Type: Stainless Steel
Enclosure Size: 4"x4"x 2"(1.5KW), 4"x 4" x 4"(5KW)
Weight (pounds): 3#(500)/4#(1.5KW)/5#(5KW)

20-6 Meter Loop antenna (72' wire) + 500/1500/5000 Watt PEP rated 4:1 Current Balun + internal 1:1 Current Balun in one enclosure + 4 insulators for support

* Complete package - just add coax

* works multiple bands with ease

* can be configured as delta, square, rectangle or multi-sided horizontal loop (4 insulators included)

* Choice of 500, 1.5KW or 5KW PEP rated HYBRID baluns to suit power needs

* No need for extra feed line choke as it is built into the 4:1 balun enclosure

After many requests we have created a compact, special balun for OCF and loop (Skyloop or Delta loop) antennas. The CB-4-1-1500/5000 is a CUBE enclosure containing a multi-core, broadband 4:1 impedance transformer in series with a 1:1 current balun for extra common mode current choking to keep RF current off the outside of the coax braid and on the antenna where it belongs. The extra choking action also means that the coax feed line will not act as a radiator causing unnecessary RF interference (RFI).

1.5KW Rated for full 1500 watts PEP and 1000 watts CW/FT8 (ICAS). 1.8Mhz – 61 MHz.

5KW Rated for full 5000 watts PEP and 1500 watts CW/FT8 (ICAS). 1.8Mhz – 61 MHz.

500 watt version is in "BULLET" format, 1.5KW is a 4 x 4 x 2 cube and 5KW is in 4" x 4" x 4" enclosure.

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