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Termination Resistor, 500 Ohm Non-Inductive for T2FD, BBTD, Rhombic, 1-61 MHz, 375 Watts

SKU TR-500-375
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Product Details

Broadband, Non-Inductive Termination Resistor load used on many terminated antenna types such as T2FD, Broadband Terminated Dipole (BBTD), Rhombics and others

Resistive Value: 500 ohms

SSB (20% duty cycle) rating in Watts: 375

CW/FT8 (50% duty cycle) in watts: 150

Length (tip to tip) Inches: 11 1/4"

Width inches: 2 1/4"

Inductance Internal Resistance Wattage: 200 watts

If you need more power rating, consider putting two TR-1000-250 resistors in parallel for a total of 500 watts.

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