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Ferrite Snap On Combo Pack, Mix 31, 61, 75 ID=1/4"/6.3mm, RFI Range 150 KHz-2000 MHz, 10 Filters

SKU FSCP-316175-1/4-10
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Product Details

Now you can get a ferrite snap on combo pack of 10 RFI filters in 1/4" size with all three filter ranges (great if you don't know the interfering frequency and need to cover the entire range when troubleshooting an RFI problem).

Mix 75 covers 150 KHz to 10 MHz (3 filters)

Mix 31 covers 1-300 MHz (usable to 500 MHz) (4 filters)

Mix 61 covers 200-2000 MHz (3 filters)

Use multiple turns for best results. (2 turns - 4 times a single turn, 3 turns = 9 times a single turn, etc.)
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