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Ferrite Mini Snap On Combo Pack, Mix 75, RFI Range 150 KHz-10 MHz - 6 filters

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Product Details

The Ferrite Snap On Combo Pack is a convenient solution for troubleshooting RFI/EMI with various diameter cables ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ for use as either single turn or multiple turn ferrite chokes. The snap on chokes are useful for RF coax, AC/DC power cables, and device interconnection cables.

Always use a snap on with a larger inside diameter than the diameter of the cable and use multiple turns if possible (2 turns through the snap on is the same as 4 snap ons with 1 turns). Included in these combo packs are our most popular snap on sizes as follows:

Mix 75 Ferrite Snap On Combo pack (RFI Suppression range is 150 KHz-10 MHz)

FSB75-1/4 – 1/4″ ID – 2 pieces

FSB75-1/2 – 1/2″ ID – 2 pieces

FSB75-3/4 – 3/4″ ID – 2 pieces

Normal Retail price is $85.00 for these parts

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