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FSB31-1-1, ID=1", RFI Range 1-300 MHz

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Product Details
MPN: FSB31-1
Initial Permeability (@ 10KHz): 1500
Material: MnZn
Max cable size - in/mm: 1.0/25.4
OD (A) - in/mm: 2.22/56.4
ID (B) - in/mm: 1.02/25.9
Length (C) - in/mm: 1.69/41.9
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 1 MHz): 45
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 5 MHz): 90
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 10 MHz): 125
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 25 MHz): 218
Z (ohms per bead - single turn 100 MHz): 375
Z ohms (per bead - single turn 250 MHz): 340
Case/Box lot size: 36

Also known as Big Clamp On. Very useful for AC/DC power, coax cable, etc. Use multiple turns for best results or multiple chokes in series (recommended for large amperage power cables). Always put +/- dc cables through the same ferrite filter so their fields cancel and the ferrite suppresses the common mode current on each cable.

These ferrites also work well for coax feed line chokes. Use 3 turns of RG-213 size coax thru center and put several ferrite in series each with 3 turns to make an excellent 80-10 meter high power feed line choke.

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