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Smart Appliance RFI Kit - Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Refrigerator, Vacuum Cleaner, Clock or Lamp - 6 filters

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Product Details
Type: NEW
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA
Filter Power Rating (PEP watts): not applicable
RFI Suppression Range (MHz): 1-300 MHz

This RFI kit is specifically designed to suppress interference triggered by today's smart appliances used in the kitchen and household that act as "transmitters" and affect other appliances or radio/TV/Cable audio systems OR these appliances may act as "receiver" of energy from other devices such as ham radio, CB, AM broadcast and other electronic devices in the home. The problem is generally the AC power cable acting as an "antenna" picking up or transmitting signals.

The RFI kit has ferrite filters are selected to eliminate RFI from 1 to 300 MHz and are typically used on the AC power lie of your Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Refrigerator and AC powered Clocks and Lamps. The filters are easy to install, don’t require modification of the protected equipment and work in almost all cases.

What is included in the kit?

The RFI kit contains 3 ring filters (1.4" ID), 1 large snap on (1" ID) and 2 smaller (1/2" ID) snap on filters for clock or lamps. Installation examples are shown in the included manual. Simple, easy to install and effective in almost all conditions.

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