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Slip On Feed Line Choke/Isolator - 1/4"/6mm coax cable, RG-58/LMR240, 1.8-300 MHz

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Brand: Palomar Engineers
MPN: SLO-1/4-5, -10, -15 - old part # is BA-58
Effective Frequency Range (MHz): 3-300 (5 bead), 1.8-300 (10, 15 bead)
PEP Power Rating (watts): same as coax cable rating
Choking Impedance Range (ohms): 5 bead: 500-1300, 10 bead: 600-1800, 15 bead: 1000-2100
Common Mode Attenuation (db): 5 bead: 16-22 db, 10 bead: 17-25 db, 15 bead: 21-27 db
Estimated Insertion Loss (db): .025
Input Connector Type: none
Output Connector Connector Type: none
Ground Connector (Y/N): none
Enclosure Size (LxWxH inches): none

Includes protective heat shrink

1/4″/6.4mm max Cable Size Chokes

For use with RG-58, RG-6, RG-59, LM-240 and similar size cables – all cable impedances, 160-6 meters. Choke diameter 0.6 inch. Requires 9-1/2 inches of cable for installation of SLO-1/4.Choose SLO-1/4 (5 beads) or for extended choking, choose SLO-1/4-10 (10 beads) or for super extended choking choose SLO-1/4-15 (15 beads).Use SLO-1/4 on RG-6 to stop RFI on cable/satellite systems.

Select chokes with minimum of 500 ohms at your frequency of interest for best results or upgrade to our CUBE(TM), or Super Choker(TM) or Maxi-Choker(TM) chokes up to 10,000 ohms choking

Use on RG-6 coax to stop RFI on cable/satellite systems.

Select 10 bead version for 160 meter use, 15 bead version for even higher choking power.

Snap On and Slip on Feed line chokes available in sizes to fix cables with outside diameters of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" - check website for other size options.

This product was previously named BA-58

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