RFI/EMI Solutions

Dirty Electricity Filters

“Dirty Electricity” is high frequency noise on 50/60 Hz. power lines, 120 VAC or 240 VAC caused by many sources including electronic devices on the AC power lines and AC power generators including solar and wind generators. The frequency range of the interference is typically 25 kHz to 500 kHz and may affect electronic devices powered by the AC lines as well as other objects (including living ones) in the capture area of the noise.

Effective filtering of the AC power lies can help suppress the dirty electricity in your home, business office or industrial environment. We suggest the following AC power line filters that are easily installed on specific equipment bothered by dirty electricity

Palomar Engineers provides a variety of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) solutions from 100 Khz to 1000 Mhz.

We have many RFI solution kits targeting common RFI problems encountered by consumers, broadcast professionals, radio operators, industrial plant managers, marine/ship operators, solar power contractors, etc.  For custom individual RFI problems we offer individual ferrite RFI suppression components in bead, snap on and ring topology to fit various wire/cable configurations for AC/DC power cables, coaxial feed line, and device interconnect cables.

Click on the links in the table below to see popular solution kits for common RF interference problems:

AC/DC Power Line Noise Chokes
Ham Radio RFI Solutions Mobile Radio Station RFI Kits Solar System RFI Kits
Grow Light Ballast RFi Kit Exercise Equipment RFI Kits
Court Reporter Interference Kits  Smart Meter RFI Kits  Public Address System RFI Kits
Grow Light Ballast RFI Kit  Wall Wart RFI Filter Kit  Audio Processing Equipment RFI Kits
Repeater Site RFI Solutions
Software Defined Radio (SDR) RFI Kits Weather Station RFI Kits Radio Control – Drone RFI Kits
Flex Radio 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 RFI Kits


Different ferrite mixes suppress different frequency ranges.  To select a mix for your interfering frequency see: Choosing a Ferrite Mix

To learn about using ferrites for RFI/EMI suppression check out : RFI Tutorial Center

If you get need additional help call 760-747-3343 or email Sales@Palomar-Engineers.com describing your problem.