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DC Voltage Common Mode Noise Filter - Marine, RV, Communications, 600 Volts/30 Amps

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DC Common Mode Noise Filter for marine, RV, mobile, portable and fixed station HF operations

The RFI-DC-30 is a common mode noise filter for DC powered equipment up to 30 amps and 600 VDC at 105 degrees C and provides effective dual suppression of common mode current with individual chokes on the positive and negative cables in the HF frequency range from 1-61 MHz (beneficial up to 160 MHz). Very useful for suppressing noise from generators, inverters, battery chargers, solar panels, wind generators, and other noise producing devices sharing the same DC power bus. Simple to install between noise source and noise victim without any modifications to either device.

The enclosure box is a PVC 4″ x 4″ x 2″ weather resistant enclosure with 1/4″ stainless hardware for ease of connection to DC voltage circuits and (optionally) to ground for greater attenuation of the common mode current present on the DC positive and negative lines.

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Also make sure you connect a good RF ground to the transceiver ground post.

Note to Flex Radio users:  Use snap on ferrites for firewire cable, speaker cable and mic cable,  Ring ferrites for Antenna output and DC power.

For additional RFI suppression, use a feed line choke at the antenna to suppress common current on the coax feed line – see our store for feed line choke alternatives for use at the antenna.


If you use a linear amplifier we have RFI kits for linear amplifiers that help suppress RFI in your shack or in your neighbor’s house.