Mobile Station RFI Kits

Portable and Mobile Radio RFI Solutions

Portable operation is fun but also brings challenges to the radio operator concerning receiver “noise” levels, RF interference from adjacent sources including close by transmitting stations, and RFI from portable generators. A typical scenario and some suggested Palomar product solutions are shown in the picture.

Portable Operation RFi Reduction Picture png - Mobile Station RFI Kits

Portable operation is typical of ham radio operating events such as Field Day, Summits on the Air, Route 66 events, National Parks on the Air, California QSO party, DXpeditions, and emergency operation command posts, etc.


Each low power operating station with a generator should have:

  1. Generator RFI Kit (Part # RFI-GEN) with FSB31-1 ferrite filters at each end + Nylon ties for security
  2. Transceiver RFI Kit (Part # RFI-XCVR)
  3. Laptop RFI Kit (Part # RFI-1C)
  4. Coax Cable Noise Filter (Part # CMNF-1)
  5. Bullet-55 portable HF end fed antenna system

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Mobile RFI kits work two ways: They suppress RFI from on board computers and other sensing/control devices in your vehicle that may cause your radio to be a VICTIM of RFI, and second they suppress RFI generated by your radio as a SOURCE which may affect your on board computers or other devices.  Mobile operations of HF radios (1-30 Mhz) tend to experience more RFI effects than VHF/UHF mobile stations.  If you have both HF and VHF installations in your vehicles, you may need both kits.

To address separate solutions we have developed two separate RFI kits: one for HF (1.8-300 MHz) mobile installations and another for VHF/UHF (30-1000 MHz) mobile installations.  Each kit uses the appropriate ferrite mix for the frequency range desired.