Mobile Station RFI Kits

AC/DC Generator RFI Noise Filter Kit - 3" ID - 2 filters


AC/DC Generator RFI Noise Filter Kit - 3" ID - 2 filters RFI-GEN-3

The RFI generator kit includes 2 ring filters with 3 inch inside diameter for 2 or more turns of AC/DC generator cable at generator and another 2 or more turns through center at the end of the generator cable near the powered device. The filter near the generator isolates generator power cable and prevents it from acting as an RFI antenna (generator source) and the filter near the powered device prevents the powered device from using the generator cable as an RFI antenna.

Use 2 or more turns through the filter for higher RFI suppression than a single turn (2 turns is 4 times the suppression as 1 turn, 3 turns is 9 times a single turn, etc.)

If you have a generator cable less than 1/2" diameter, consider the RFI-GEN-1 generator filter with a 1" inside diameter.

Note: generator cable not included.

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Brand:Palomar Engineers
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Filter Power Rating (PEP watts):power rating of cable
RFI Suppression Range (MHz):1-300 MHz
Mobile RFI kits work two ways: They suppress RFI from on board computers and other sensing/control devices in your vehicle that may cause your radio to be a VICTIM of RFI, and second they suppress RFI generated by your radio as a SOURCE which may affect your on board computers or other devices.  Mobile operations of HF radios (1-30 Mhz) tend to experience more RFI effects than VHF/UHF mobile stations.  If you have both HF and VHF installations in your vehicles, you may need both kits.

To address separate solutions we have developed two separate RFI kits: one for HF (1.8-300 MHz) mobile installations and another for VHF/UHF (30-1000 MHz) mobile installations.  Each kit uses the appropriate ferrite mix for the frequency range desired.