HF Amplifier RFI Kits

HF Linear Amplifier Deluxe RFI Kit - 12 Filters for RF In/Out, AC power, Control Lines - Quadra, PW1, Acom Tokyo High Power

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Product Details
Filter Power Rating (PEP watts): max coax cable rating
RFI Suppression Range (MHz): 1-60 MHz
# Ferrite Filters: 12
Typical Use:: AC/DC power, RF In/out, Control Lines

All coax I/O and control lines and AC/DC power line for high end amplifiers with multiple RF inputs and outputs, control/keying/frequency I/O.

Includes typical amps such as Yaesu Quadra, Icom PW1, ACOM, ALPHA,Tokyo High Power, Palstar, ETC.

Included are the following chokes and installation guidelines to suppress RFI in and out:

Deluxe Kit:

RF Input (2x):Ring Filter (1.4” ID) – 5-9 turns of RG-58/8X size through center

RF Output (4x):Snap On Filter (1” ID) – 3 turns of coax cable through center

Relay Cable (2x):Snap On Filter (1/2” ID) – multiple turns through center

ACC1/ACC2 (2x):Snap On Filter (1/2” ID)- multiple turns through filter for each ACC

Transceiver Control/Remote CIV (1X):multiple turns of both cables through filter

AC/DC Power:Snap On Filter (1” ID) – 3 turns of power cord through center

You get 1.4" ID Ring x 2, 1" ID snap on x 5, 1/2" ID snap on x 5 with each kit.


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