5:1 Baluns/Ununs

5:1 CUBE™ Unun – Model CU-5-1500 (50:250 Ohm, 1.8-61 MHz, 1.5KW PEP)

Application. For traveling wave, end fed or portable 20-31 foot vertical antennas the 5:1 unun makes a good transformer for converting 50 ohm coax to a 250 ohm feed point. If you use the antenna on multiple bands, the feed point impedance may not always be 250 ohms and use of the unun at high (>350 ohms) or low (<100 ohms) will require reduced power input or the unun may have its power ratings exceeded and damage to the unun may occur. The (5:1 conversion ratio will change for loads other than 250 ohms unbalanced.

Typical application:

CU-5-1500 antenna

Also available as a balanced output – CB-5-1500

Desktop Computer with AC power RFI Kit - 7 Filters

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BASIC Desktop Computer RFI Kit - AC Powered

This RFI kit is specifically selected to suppress most household computer device RFI problems. It contains a large ferrite ring for AC power supply protection and Snap On ferrite split bead filters selected to eliminate RFI from 1 to 300 MHz. The beads are easy to use, don’t require modification of the protected equipment and work in almost all cases, even when plug-in filters fail.

The RFI-Desktop kit is meant to be used with a AC powered computer (desktop type) with up to 6 input/output signal lines and an AC power cord line coming into the device. Included are one large ferrite ring filter and six, 3/8” inner diameter snap on split ferrite bead filters for the input/output lines.

Installation is easy. AC power cord through ring filter multiple times and snap on filters on I/O cables nearest computer - problem cured!

For additional devices like a printer and AC powered speakers, consider the Deluxe Desktop RFI Kit with additional filters.

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