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Troubleshooter's Ferrite Pack Mix 31, 75, 61, 1/2" ID Snap-On, RFI Range 150 KHz-2000 MHz, 10 Pieces

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Product Details
Material: 31, 61, 75
Max cable size - in/mm: .5/12.7
OD (A) - in/mm: 1.22/31
ID (B) - in/mm: .514/13.1
Length (C) - in/mm: 1.55/5

Ferrite Snap On, ID = .514in/13.1 mm, 10 Pack for troubleshooting unknown RFi frequencies

Use Mix 31 for 1-300 MHz - 4 pieces

Use Mix 61 for 200- 2000 MHz - 3 pieces

Use Mix 75 for150 KHz-10 MHz - 3 pieces

At last a troubleshooter's ferrite kit that works from 150 KHz to 2 H=GHZ. Now you can suppress RFi from unknown frequency ranges with a full spectrum of ferrite cores that have a 1/2" ID large enough for multiple turns of many common data and signal wires. Try 1 mix and see if it has an effect and if not then try another until you suppress the unknown frequencies. Or use them all to provide protection across a broad frequency range. 3 ferrite cores provide at least 500 ohms in the frequency band to give a measurable difference in RFI and noise suppression.

Square or Hex sided depending upon inventory stock

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