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Ferrite Ring Combo Pack, FT140 - .9" ID, 15 Rings - Mix 43, 61, 77, RFI Range .1-2000 MHz

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Brand: Palor Engineers
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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
: 15
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The Ferrite Ring Combo Pack is a convenient solution for troubleshooting RFI/EMI from unknown frequencies or multiple frequencies that require multiple suppression mixes. Included in this combo pack are ten 1.4″ OD/.9″ ID ring toroids as follows:

Mix 77 effective from .1-50 MHz including AM Broadcast band – quantity: 5

Mix 43 effective from 25-250 MHz for general purpose – quantity: 5

Mix 61 effective from 200-2000 MHz for cell phone, WIFI, HDTV, Cable TV interference – quantity: 5

The ring toroids are useful for AC/DC common mode choking with multiple turns as shown below

20131210 114716 300x180 - Ferrite Core Products

AC Cable on F-240 Toroid – 7 turns

20150125 103738 300x168 - Ferrite Core Products

DC Cable on F240 – 4 turns

The ring toroids can also be used on coax or signal lines as shown below:

20131222 125533 300x180 - Ferrite Core Products

RG58 12 turns on FT240

20131210 115137 300x180 - Ferrite Core Products

Ethernet Cable on F-240 Toroid – 7 turns

For RFI/EMI wrap as many turns as possible for higher choking (under 30 MHz). For over 30 MHz, 1-3 turns is usually sufficient due the to capacitive effect of multiple turns reducing choking effect.

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