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Extra Large Ring/Multi-Snap On Combo Pack, Mix 31, RFI Range 1-300 MHz - 28 filters (1/4", 1/2", 1.4")

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Material: 31
: 28

This Extra Large size Ring and Snap-On Combo Pack is our BEST VALUE and a convenient solution for troubleshooting RFI/EMI (1-300 MHz) with various diameter cables ranging from 1.4" to 1.4"/35.6mm for use as either single turn or multiple turn RFI filters. Great for Grab and Go portable operations or general RFI and noise suppression.

The filters are useful for RF coax, AC/DC power cables, Ethernet, data, audio/video and device interconnection cables.

Always use a snap on or ring with a larger inside diameter than the diameter of the cable and use multiple turns if possible (2 turns through the snap on is the same as 4 snap ons with 1 turn). Included in these combo packs are our most popular snap on sizes as follows:

Extra Large Combo Pack includes the following:

F240-31 ring – 1.4″/35.6mm ID – 6 pieces

FSB31-1/4 – 1/4″/9.5mm ID – 12 pieces

FSB31-1/2 – 1/2″/12.7mm ID – 10 pieces

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