SATELLITE/CABLE TV RFI Kit - Filters for AC Power + 2 I/O (HDMI, Coax) cables

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Product Details
Type: NEW
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA
Filter Power Rating (PEP watts): not applicable
RFI Suppression Range (MHz): 1-300 MHz

This RFI kit was created to suppress RFI issues with your cable tv box interference. This kit was created out of necessity from a ham using high power antennas near the cable TV box. The use of the ferrite filters completely eliminated the RFI issue allowing the ham to enjoy the use of the cable TV system while using the ham radio system.

The ferrite filters are selected to suppress RFI from 1 to 300 MHz. The filters are easy to install, don’t require modification of the protected equipment and work in almost all cases. See product picture for suggested filter use.

What is included in the kit?

The RFI-CABLETV kit contains a snap on filter for the AC power cord, the HDMI/Video output cable and the and coax cable TV input cable.

You get three 1/2" ID snap on RFI filters and an installation manual.

You need 1 RFI-CABLETV RFI kit for each cable TV box afflicted with RFI.

For additional protection of the video monitor use the RFI-HDTV RFI kit which suppresses RFI coming into the AC power line into the HDTV.

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