Bullet End Fed OCF Antenna System, 100/500/1500 Watt Options, 55 Feet, 40-30-20-17-15-12-10-6 meters

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Brand: Palomar Enineers
MPN: BULLET-4006-100, -500, -1500
Frequency Band(s): 40-6 meters
Power (PEP watts):: 500/1500
Length (ft):: 55 feet

End Fed Off Center Fed Antenna

Need a high performance, multi-band, stealthy antenna system that is easy to setup and use? Get the Bullet antenna matcher with the antenna wire, insulator and feed line choke all in one convenient package (great for HOA restricted areas, camping and portable operations, etc.)

Why is this end fed OCF antenna a better choice than and End Fed Half Wave (EFHW)? More bands, shorter length and no dangerous high voltage at antenna feed point from VOLTAGE FED 49:1 TRANSFORMERS!!!

Off Center Fed (OCF) antennas are very convenient as they will allow multiple bands of operation with a simple wire antenna which is fed off center. The Palomar Engineers 4010 OCF is a very popular antenna and consists of an off center fed dipole with sides of 55 feet and 11 feet and it will work all bands from 40-6 meters.The BULLET-4006 uses the same dimensions but the wire section is 55 feet as in the OCF and the coax outer braid is used for the “other” part of the OCF dipole. We place a choke on the coax at the 12 foot distance from the matching unit and we essentially have an OCF antenna with its great frequency range, but with only a 55 foot wire length instead of the 66 feet required by the regular OCF or EFHW. You feed the antenna from one end which may be more convenient for some installations. This antenna will work on 40-30-20-17-15-12-11-10 and 6 meters. Most bands are under 3:1 SWR and easily tuned by your transceiver’s internal antenna tuner or external tuner used with an amplifier.

This antenna is a great stealthy primary or backup antenna and works exceptionally well for apartments, condominiums, homeowner, mobile home parks, RV applications and ARES, RACES, MARS, EMCOMM, NVIS, First Responders and Emergency Preparedness. Compact, Stealthy and Light weight for back packing and portable use.

The antenna is simple to deploy, folds up easily for transport, and with the 55 foot included wire, can work the 40-6 meter bands easily with the built in antenna tuner of most current day transceivers. Some bands may not even require a tuner if the antenna length and counterpoise choke position is adjusted correctly. (see SWR graph in gallery).

These antennas are MUCH BETTER PERFORMERS than End Fed Half Wave antennas because they work the WARC bands, DO NOT HAVE A DANGEROUS HIGH VOLTAGE at the antenna connection and are shorter to fit in smaller spaces yet provide more band coverage up to 6 meters!

Make the right choice - use and end fed OCF and enjoy the expanded band coverage, additional safety and smaller footprint!

Part #'s:

BULLET-4006-100 for 100 watts PEP/100 watts digital

BULLET-4006-500 for 500 watts PEP/350 watts digital

BULLET-4006-1500 for 1500 watts PEP/1000 watts digital

The antenna can be used as a up or down sloper, “L” with a vertical section (at either end) and a horizontal section, or as a horizontal antenna between two trees or supports. Zig-zag and 90 degree bends horizontal are also ok.

BULLET Matching Unit

Our antenna matching network is called the “Bullet” because of it shape and its effectiveness at taking down or contacting distant (DX) stations all over the world under the right conditions.

For best results we recommend that the coax feed line be at least 25 feet. We also recommend a coax noise filter near radio end of the coax feed line to reduce RFI common mode current from interfering with the radio operation.


For best results raise the Bullet matching unit as high as possible (use a tree or vertical support) and then extend the antenna wire horizontally or as an “L” (horizontal with vertical end drop). The antenna may also be deployed as a sloper with the Bullet matching unit at the top (best) with the wire sloping toward the ground (with the end high enough to avoid contact by humans or animals), or at the bottom of the sloper with the antenna wire rising to a higher point.

Any length of 50 ohm feed line ok (over 25 feet minimum recommended) but longer feed lines over 50 feet may show reduced SWR on some bands due to soil conductivity, nearby objects, etc. Due to local ground conditions, antenna height and feed line length, SWR may vary and an antenna tuner may be required or some bands to bring SWR at end of feed line to acceptable levels. Position a feed line choke (part# SOFLC) 12 feet from the matching unit.

Use a good quality 50 ohm cable adequate for the power level of your station.The Bullet matching unit is rated for 500 or 1500 watts PEP (depending on model) for SSB and 50% for CW or digital modes. If the matching unit becomes warm to the touch after transmitting at high power, reduce the power output or the internal matching unit may become damaged.

NOTE: The matching unit output is DC grounded to bleed off static electricity, however it is not RF grounded.

Need a shorter antenna for portable or stealth installation? Check out the BULLET-2006 at 25 feet length and still works 20-6 meters!

NOTE: due to the nature of antenna systems and the modifications many users perform and the transmitter power levels that may be applied higher then the specifications, the antenna systems are NOT RETURNABLE unless they are unused, in the original packing with the original invoice and a return request is made withing 30 days of original purchase.

SWR TECH NOTE:The SWR graphs shown are specific to the conditions listed including antenna height, configuration (flat top, inverted V, inverted L, etc.) and direction, feed line length and type, geographic location and soil condition, calibration and accuracy of SWR instruments used. Your SWR measurements will probably be different and manufacturer takes no responsibility or liability for these differences beyond the purchase price of the antenna.

LMR-400/RG213/RG8 (1/2" coax users): Use 3 turns thru included choke which should be enough choking for 40-6 meters. If you find you need more choking, use a second SOFLC with an additional 3 turns in series with the first choke as shown in the pictures.


Dear Sir,
I am writing to say that so far the Bullet-4006-500 is a fabulous antenna. After shortening it a bit to get to SWR sweet spot (via NanoVNA) and getting the FT-710 dialed in for receiving, the antenna is out performing a DX40 from another company handily. What is fabulous is the reduction in RF noise while still improving signal strength. Using a switch to easily go between antennas it is very clear the B4006 is a good improvement.
I'm looking forward to getting my General soon so I can start Txing, and giving the B4006 a workout! Plan to buy another PE OCEF antenna for the go bag if the txing goes as good as expected.
Thank you for the quick shipping and a quality antenna.
Loren Bordeaux - KK7DWD

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