Bullet 50:200 (4:1) HF Balun, 1.8-61 MHz, 500 Watts PEP, Loop, OCF, ZEPP


Bullet 50:200 (4:1) HF Balun, 1.8-61 MHz, 500 Watts PEP, Loop, OCF, ZEPP Bullet-4B

The Bullet-4 is a dual core current balun with a compact enclosure (looks like a bullet) enclosure that is lightweight and easy to transport for your portable loop antenna solution. Halyard hoist at top of balun for convenient attachment point. Input is via SO-239 coax connector and output with side eye bolt output. Rated 500 Watts PEP Watts from 1.8-61 MHz.

This transformer requires a feed line choke to isolate the coax feed line from the antenna. A coax noise filter is also recommended.

Vertical Delta Loops

Multi-band vertical delta loops can be oriented several way but the most popular is to have the “pointy” end at the top (usually a single support) and the lower horizontal ends just out of reach of humans and animals. Best feed point at the top for multi-band use.

Single band vertical delta loops are best fed 1/4 wavelength (246/f(mhz)) from the top point down one side. Vertical delta loops use the same 2:1 baluns as the horizontal loops.

NOTE: due to the nature of antenna systems and the modifications many users perform and the transmitter power levels that may be applied higher then the specifications, the antenna systems are NOT RETURNABLE unless they are unused, in the original packing with the original invoice and a return request is made withing 30 days of original purchase.

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Brand:Palomar Engineers
Frequency Band(s):160-6 meters
Country/Region of Manufacture:USA
Input ohms/Output ohms:50 in, 200 out
Frequency Range (MHz):1.8-61
PEP Power Rating (watts):500
Select Output Connector Eyebolts (2) side, 1 on top for hoist (5) Top studs (2) with wing nuts (0)