Bullet(TM) Baluns/Ununs

Bullet™ and Super-Bullet™ Baluns and Ununs are 500/1500 watts PEP rated, purpose designed for portable and stealth installations for all antenna types.  Easy to deploy, heavy and sturdy enough to be thrown over a tree limb with ease and robust enough to run demanding digital modes like FT-8/FT-4, RTTY, and PSK31.  Buy the Bullet™ balun or unun of your choice and experience the fun of making your own custom antenna with our convenient wire add-on kits.  We are sure you will be pleased with the results.

Bullet Antenna Wire Kits (41, 71, 111, 155, 173, 203, 268 feet) includes coated wire, insulator and connector lug - preassembled

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Product Details
Brand: Palomar Engineers, Inc.
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA

Bullet Antenna Wire Kit for end fed long wire antennas - choose 41, 71, 111, 155, 173, 203, 268 foot lengths complete with end insulator, #14 Insulated stranded copper wire and spade lugs and heat shrink for lugs for attachment to an optional Bullet 9:1 unun.

Insulators are a very stealthy, strong, pair of 2 PVC, 2 1/4" long. 1" wide. 1 1/8" hole separation wire antenna insulators and may be black, gray or white depending upon inventory

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