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50:50 (1:1) CUBE™ Ladder Line/Beam to Coax Balun, 1.8-61 MHz, 1.5KW, G5RV/ZS6BKW/Dipole/Beam

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MPN: CB-1-1500TS
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA
Input ohms/Output ohms: 50 ohms in, 50 - 150 ouhms output
Frequency Range < 2:1 SWR (MHz): 1.8-61 MHz
PEP Power Rating (watts): 1500
Input Connector: UHF or N
Output Connector(s): top studs
Hardware Type: Stainless Steel output connectors
Enclosure Size: 4 x 4 x 2
Antenna Compatability: G5RV/ZS6BKW/Dipole/balanced output

The lower powered version of our popular CB-1-5000, the CB-1-1500TS Balun is a 50 ohm to 50 ohm, quad core feed line choke designed to provide high choking impedance between a balanced ladder line feed line (zepp, G5RV/ZS6BKW, extended double zepp, etc.) and short 50 ohm coax feed line (to antenna tuner) at a power of 1500 watts PEP from 1.8 to 61 MHz. The CB-1-1500TS is configured as a Guanilla transmission line transformer with balanced outputs (current balun configuration). It is best used when ladder line impedance seen at the end of the ladder line to balun connection is close to 50-150 ohms. Enclosure box is 4″ x 4″ x 2″. Typical choking impedance range is 1K-10K ohms from 1-61 MHz and common mode suppression is 30 dB..

Typical ZS6BKW multi-band antenna with CB-1-1500 or CB-1-5000

ZS6BKW at AK6R png - Antenna Products

N Connector versions are made to order, email for quantity production times

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