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50:800 ohm (16:1) Transformers

16:1 Baluns are useful between 750-850 ohm balanced loads where the impedance at the end of the feed line is 800 ohms (1/2 wavelength feed line), or high impedance feeds for rhombic, T2FD and traveling wave antennas.

16:1 Ununs are useful between coax and long wires with a load impedance near 800 ohms like a beverage antenna. Shortwave listener antennas also can benefit with the 16:1 unun and it may provide a better match than 9:1 ununs – this means quieter noise levels and stronger signals so you can hear distance stations easier.

16:1 transformers are made to order with manufacturing time of 5 or more days before shipment depending upon quantity.

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Palomar antenna products include feed line chokes, feed line to antenna matching transformers, static bleeders and other accessories. Click on the link to connect to the product you need.