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SIGNALPEN(TM) PENCIL SIZE RF Detector, 60 Hz to 1.2 GHz, Miliwatts to Kilowatts, Direct Contact or Inductive Detector, No Battery, Fits in Shirt Pocket!

4304523030 - 1:1 Baluns/Ununs/Chokes

BULLET™ END FED ANTENNAS - 80-6 Meter - 100/500/1500 Watts


Bullet end fed antennas are shorter than conventional dipoles, yet deliver superior performance on many bands using the radiating coax as part of the antenna. They come in a variety of power levels, and work great for portable or permanent installations. Thousands in use world-wide! Selected models available at Ham Radio Outlet and all available on company website where full details on these antennas and many accessories are shown.

BULLET-2006 Antenna (Click for more info)

BULLET 2006 Configuration 08162023 png - 1:1 Baluns/Ununs/Chokes

BULLET-4006 Antenna (Click for more info)

PAL EFOCF4006 Confiburations 12032023 png - 1:1 Baluns/Ununs/Chokes

BULLET-8006 Antenna (click for more info)

BULLET 8006 Configuration 09272023 png - 1:1 Baluns/Ununs/Chokes

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HF 1-61 MHz coax feed line common mode chokes

1:1 feed line Chokes (also known as feed line current chokes, common mode chokes, line isolators, current mode chokes, and 1:1 baluns/ununs) are available in kit form or assembled form in a weatherproof Current Unun and Balun Enclosure which we call a CUBE™. All 1:1 chokes are ferrite based and are designed for 50 ohm coaxial cable input and 50 ohm output. 1:1 Ferrite toroidal or bead chokes have a higher choking impedance than our popular Sleeve Chokes and various models are available for specific frequency ranges and power levels.

1:1 Chokes are useful for choking common mode currents that may flow on the exterior of the coax cable shield while allowing the signals on the interior of the shield and the center conductor to flow unaffected and keeping the common mode current on the antenna. They isolate the coax shield and prevent it from becoming part of the antenna system.  

1:1 Chokes are useful between balanced lines for center fed dipoles at their fundamental frequency (468/f (MHz), beam antennas with a 50 ohm balanced driven element, G5RV, loops, yagis, NVIS antennas, mobile installations, portable antennas and anywhere common mode current (or RFI) is a problem.  They are also helpful between transmitter and linear amplifier or between linear amp and antenna tuner or as isolation chokes where higher choking impedance is needed (in the range of 2K-7K ohms). 

1:1 Chokes are also very useful as feed line current chokes at the “radio end” of the antenna (we call them coax noise filters) where they choke/filter common mode current induced onto the coax shield from radiated waves (from your antenna, and other sources such as DSL routers, computer devices, plasma TVs, etc. originating in your house or your neighbor’s house).  For RFI issues see RFI/EMI Solutions for general use or for specific radios and devices.  

For best results we recommend a 1:1 choke at the “antenna end” of the coax and a coax noise filter at the “radio end” of the coax. (A side benefit is a reduction in noise level caused by common mode currents). 1:1 chokes are also available as Sleeve Chokes (Slip on or Snap on) for ease of installation and light weight on the antenna.