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RG-8X Coax Jumper Cable with PL-259's on each end - 3 feet

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RG-8X male to male antenna cable for ham radio, CB and Short wave listening (SWL). This cable is 50 ohm and 3 feet long double shielded with foil and braid with PL-259 connectors on each end. All the connections inside are soldered and the cable is made of copper conductors with coax having PVC jacket. RG-8X is generally good up to 1500 watts PEP at HF frequencies below 30 MHz.

Use for short jumper for Palomar Engineers Noise Filters like CMNF-500-50 or use with Simple Dipole Feed line Choke (SDFLC) to make a 10 turn feed line choke. Also useful between radio devices such as transceiver and amplifier, SWR meter, etc.

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