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Off Center Fed Dipole Antenna, 20-6 Meters, 500/1.5KW/5KW PEP rated - FREE shipping in USA

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Brand: Palomar Engineers
Freq Range (MHz):: 14-54 Mhz
Power (PEP watts):: 500/1500/5000 watts digital
Length (ft):: 32

The PAL-OCF2006 covers 20-17-15-12-10 and 6 meters in a length of 32 feet. In most cases, no antenna tuner is needed and switching bands is as easy as changing the band on the radio. Super convenient and quick – great for contest operation! Choose 500, 1500 or 5000 watts PEP power levels.

Uses hybrid balun containing wide band 4:1 transformer + 1:1 common mode feed line choke to keep all your power on the antenna and off the feed line coax outer conductor!

Unlike Buckmaster OCF antennas (at twice the price, and no WARC band or 15 Meter operation), you can transmit and receive on 6, 12, 15 and 17 meters with our OCF - Better engineering and lower price - only from Palomar Engineers!

Also much quieter than end fed antennas!


For best results support balun at 30+ feet and ends over 15 feet. Angle of feed each side must be great than 45 degrees or 120 – 180 degrees total between each side preferred. Any length of 50 ohm feed line ok but longer feed lines over 50 feet may show reduced SWR on some bands due to losses in feed line and soil conductivity, nearby objects, etc. Due to local ground conditions, antenna height and feed line length, SWR may vary from samples shown and an internal or external antenna tuner may be required or some bands to bring SWR at end of feed line to acceptable levels. Overall length is 32 feet (7 feet and 25 feet sides).

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NEED and END FED antenna covering the same bands but shorter at 25 feet and only requiring 2 supports? Check out the BULLET-2006

SWR TECH NOTE:The SWR graphs shown are specific to the conditions listed including antenna height, configuration (flat top, inverted V, inverted L, etc.) and direction, feed line length and type, geographic location and soil condition, calibration and accuracy of SWR instruments used. Your SWR measurements will probably be different and manufacturer takes no responsibility or liability for these differences beyond the purchase price of the antenna.

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