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HF Loop Antenna Wire Kits (160-10 meters)

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Brand: Palomar Engineers, Inc.
Model: LWK-NNN, NNN = band
Frequency Band(s): 160-10 meters
Type: Horizontal or vertical loop

Full Wave Loop Antenna Wire Kit for vertical or horizontal loops (square, rectangle or delta shaped) from 160 meters to 10 meter. Includes end insulators, #14 Insulated stranded copper wire and spade lugs for attachment to an optional balun

Insulators are a very stealthy, strong, 4 PVC, 2 1/4" long. 1" wide. 1 1/8" hole separation wire antenna insulators and may be black, gray or white depending upon inventory.

Typical size id 1005/F(MHz) and cut for lowest frequency in band segment.

For multi-band capability use 4:1 balun such as our Bullet-4BEB-500/1500 or CB-4-1500EB/5000EB with a feed line choke below it or best bet is to use the Hybird 4:1 + 1:1 balun, CB-4-1-1500. For single band use a 2:1 balun such as a Bullet-2B-500/1500 or CB-2-1500/5000EB. with a feed line choke below it or the hybrid CB-2-1-1500EB with built in 2:1 and 1:1 balun.

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Palomar antenna products include feed line chokes, feed line to antenna matching transformers, static bleeders and other accessories. Click on the link to connect to the product you need.