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Coax Common Mode Noise Filter - 5000 Watts, 1.8-60 MHz, up to -38dB Noise Suppression

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Type: NEW
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Filter Power Rating (PEP watts): 5000
Choking Impedance (ohms): 400 - 5000
Common Mode Attenuation (db): 15 - 34 db
RFI Suppression Range (MHz): 1.8-60
Insertion Loss (db): .05
# Ferrite Filters: 3
Enclosure Size (inches): 4" x 4" x 4"
Typical Use:: Noise filter at radio end of coax between amplifier and antenna tuner

CMNF-5000HF for transmitter/receiver coax lines up to 5000 watts PEP - 1.8-60 MHz!

For coax feed lines with receive and transmit signals, you will love the small size, wide frequency range and excellent attenuation of common mode noise interference

- Reduces broadband common mode receiver noise* picked up on the outside of the antenna coax feed line.

- Wide frequency range works on all brands of radios and coax fed antennas from 1.8-60 MHz

- Common mode noise rejection up to 15-38 DB (2-5 "S" units) depending on frequency

- Simple plug & play installation: plug a short jumper from the CMNF-5000HF to your amplifier output and plug the feed line (or a jumper to your antenna tuner) into the other SO-239 CMNF-5000HF input. Either connector can be input or output. Rated at 5000 watts PEP.

- will work with Bias-T antenna switches and will pass DC voltage from input to output with no attenuation

* not effective for noise from AC power lines or noise received directly by antenna

Installation Note: For best results, and to reduce co-interference between choked and unchoked coax feed lines with multiple antennas, ALL antenna feed lines entering the radio room need to have a separate feed line choke particularly if they are at a different frequency then HF, like VHF or UHF.

if you use a antenna switch for multiple antennas in the 1.8-61 MHz range, place the CMNF-5000HF in the "common" line of the antenna coax switch and the antenna tuner/amplifier.

For additional common mode noise reduction, consider the CMNF-500HF (500 watts PEP) placed between the receiver and the amplifier.

Got Common Mode Noise? Not Sure - Find out now by clicking link below:

Palomar Engineers Common Mode Noise on Coax User Diagnosis Test

This product was formally named CMNF-3 prior to October 31, 2017

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