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Bullet 50:200 (4:1) HF Unun, 1.8-61 MHz, 100/500/1500 Watts, End Fed OCF Antennas

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Brand: Palomar Enginees
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MPN: Bullet-4U-100/500/1500
Type: NEW
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA

The “Bullet” End Fed OCF Antenna Matcher - 100/500/1500 Watts PEP/Digital

The key to end fed OCF antenna success is the matching network interface between the wire antenna and the feed line choke on the coax. Palomar Engineers employs a dual port ferrite matching system that offers wide bandwidth (1.8-61 MHz), and a 100 watt PEP power rating.

The antenna can be used as a sloper, “L” with a vertical section and a longer horizontal section, or as a horizontal or sloper antenna between two trees or supports. Great antenna for portable operations like NPOTA, SOTA, Field Day, etc., or for permanent installations like installing in an attic, under the eaves of a house, along a fence, etc. This is a short, effective and easy-to-hide antenna which gives a good account of itself on -80-6 (95' wire), 40-6 (55' wire) or 20-6 (25' wire) meter bands.

We sell the Bullet-4U-100 separately so you can add you own wire type and length (see table of suggested lengths below) or you can purchase a complete antenna system including wire and end insulator. Remember you also need a feed line choke like the easy adjustable snap on SOFLC.

If you need a higher power 4:1 unun for your OCF end fed antenna, check out the Bullet-4U-500 or Bullet-4U-1500.

Use a good quality 50 ohm cable such as RG-8X or similar as that size allows multiple (5-6 recommended) turns thru the feed line choke. The Bullet-4U-100 matching unit is rated for 100 watts PEP for SSB and 100 watts for CW/FT8. If the matching unit becomes warm to the touch after transmitting at high power, reduce the power output or the internal matching unit may become damaged.

NOTE: We rate our Bullet baluns (and ununs) VERY conservatively with a 50% duty cycle as used with digital (FT8) modes. Some manufacturers selling low cost baluns may use a 5% duty cycle for their PEP rating to make it appear you get a higher rated balun for a lower price, but you may in fact be getting be getting less. Their 1500 watts PEP really means 75 watts continuous or 150 watts at a 50% duty cycle compared to our 250 watts at 50% duty cycle. Our baluns typically cover a larger frequency range under 2:1 SWR which make your transceiver happy and probably will last longer with less electrical stress.

Remember we over engineer our products, to out perform our competition - just compare the weight of our products to theirs and you will know we put much more into our products so you don't have to worry about power saturation failure at a critical moment.

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