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AC Cable Noise Filter for Standard 120VAC Plugs - 1.4" ID

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Product Details
Type: New
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
RFI Range (MHz): 150 KHz to 10 MHz
ID-B (in/mm): 1.4/35.6
OD-A (in/mm): 2.4/61
Height-C (in/mm): 5/12.7
Weight (oz/gm): 106 grams
Initial permeability: 5000

(2.4″ OD, 1.4″ ID hole), RFI Noise Suppression Range: 150 KHz-10 MHz, MIx 75

Excellent for standard 2 or 3 wire AC cables or multiple cables – use multiple cores for higher choking. Also useful when you need high turns count for high choking with large cable - works on all 120/240 and lower AC voltages.

Note: Wire shown for application purpose, NOT included with purchase.

If you want the AC chord preassembled on the ferrite filter, see part# AC-CHOKE-6

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