1.5:1 Baluns/Ununs

50:75 ohm (1.5:1) CUBE™ Balun/Unun, 1.8-61 MHz, 1.5KW PEP, Dipole

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Available as a Unun for 50 ohm coax to 75 ohm coax or 75 unbalanced load or as a Balun for 50 ohm coax to balanced load such as a low (less than a wavelength high) dipole with either side eye bolts and halyard hoist or as post mountable top studs output.

This is an impedance transformer for 50 to 75 ohms and may require a additional feed line choke to keep common mode current off the coax braid.

CB-1.5-1500EB is useful for a dipole center feedpoint for low dipoles with 75 ohm antenna impedance.

Top stud version also useful for 75 ohm ladder line to coax interface

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50 ohm coax to 75 ohm balanced output baluns are useful for low (< 1 wavelength) dipoles exhibiting 75 ohm characteristic impedance or for matching to balanced ladder line whose endpoint impedance is near 75 ohms.

50 ohm coax to 75 ohm CATV coax connections are easily done with a 1.5:1 unun with SO-239 connectors on input and output.  Likewise 50 ohm coax to unbalanced verticals or loads near 75 ohms can be matched with a 1.5:1 unun.