Palomar Engineers® is the registered   trademark of Palomar Engineers, Inc. Palomar is the Spanish word for “dove cote”.  (La Paloma = The Dove). The mourning dove is a common bird in Southern California. A major feature of San Diego county is 6000 ft. Palomar Mountain.


Local Institutions using the Palomar name:

Palomar Observatory. On Palomar Mountain, with  the 200 inch Hale telescope. Managed by California Institute of Technology.

Palomar Hospital. Escondido, CA medical center.

Palomar College. A community college in San Marcos, Calif.

Palomar Airport. Airport code CLD. Carlsbad, California


Businesses using the Palomar name include:

Palomar Engineers, Inc. Your host at this Web site.

Palomar Software, Inc. A former Macintosh software developer in Oceanside, California.

Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.  A medical equipment company in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Palomar Products,Inc. A manufacturer of audio, video, and data distribution systems in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Palomar Technologies, Inc. A manufacturer of automated assembly equipment in Vista, California.

Palomar Display Products, Inc. A manufacturer of commercial and military displays in Carlsbad, California

Palomar Solar, Ltd. – San Diego solar panel installers

Extinct businesses that used the name Palomar:

Palomar Electronics Corp.  A manufacturer of CB linear amplifiers in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Went out of business about 1980. No connection whatever to Palomar Engineers, Inc.

Palomar Telecom. A manufacturer of repeater controllers in the 1980’s. Went out of business about 1990.