Fish Finder-Sonar RFI Kit


Fish Finder-Sonar RFI Kit RFI-FF

Fish Finder – Sonar RFI Kit

Fish Finders/Sonar units can cause RFI “noise” in other electronic devices on a boat including audio and video systems, radar, SSB, wind/speed/depth instruments, etc. Likewise other electronic devices can also interfere with the fish finder and cause erroneous depth/temperature readings.

Palomar Engineers has developed a simple to install fish finder/sonar RFI suppression kit to solve the RFI noise problem aboard recreational and commercial boats.

Just slip a split bead on the transducer cable (1" ID) and use the 5 1/2" ID split beads on the fish finder/sonar readout unit transducer input and DC cables. Use the extra ferrites on other equipment needing protection like the Radar, radio, etc.

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Fish Finder-Sonar RFI Kit