Palomar Engineers provides a full selection of ferrite products and filters to suppress RFI/EMI interference and broadband noise on electronic equipment from 100 KHz to 1000 MHz.  We also manufacture HF antennas and related  products including common mode coaxial feed line chokes, coax noise filters, AC/DC interference filters, and broadband impedance transformers used for antenna and transmission line matching.


Our RFI products are used in AM/FM Broadcast stations, amateur and commercial radio stations, consumer households, radar sites, solar power sites, the International Space Station, automotive, marine, medical, military, and numerous industrial and manufacturing operations and university research centers.

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Ferrite Toroids - Mix 31, 43, 61, 77

Ferrite Toroids – Mix 31, 43, 52, 61, 77, W

RFI Solutions

RFI Solutions from Kilohertz to Gigahertz

SNAP ON Ferrite Beads

SNAP ON Ferrite Beads Mix 31, 61, 75

Balun Kits 1:1 4:1 9:1

Balun/Unun Kits 1:1-16:1

Ferrite Beads

Slip On Ferrite Beads

CUBE Baluns™

CUBE™ Baluns/Ununs

kurt speaks out

Kurt Sterba Products

Super Choker

Super Choker

sleeve balun - 45 degrees

Coax Feed Line Chokes

Bullet Antenna Product

End Fed Antennas

OCF Antennas

OCF Antennas

Coax Noise Filter

Coax Noise Filter

Ladder line Baluns

Ladder Line Baluns




DC Noise Filter




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We are always looking for new products to sell or distribute under the Palomar Engineers name – if you have a product or idea, please send us an email at Sales@Palomar-Engineers.com and we will be glad to discuss it with you.



Are you an Audiophile, Ham or Musician that uses vacuum tubes?  Please visit our sister company at www.TubeMeister.net (or click on logo below) for a great selection of custom assembled vacuum tube sets for your favorite radio set or amplifier.


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