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MAXI-CHOKER VHF Coax Line Isolator, 14-170 MHz, 2KW, -28Db Common Mode Noise Rejection

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Product Details
Brand: Palomar Engineers
MPN: MC-1-2000VHF
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Effective Frequency Range (MHz): 14-170
PEP Power Rating (watts): 2 KW
Choking Impedance Range (ohms): 500-6000 (10-170 Mhz)
Common Mode Attenuation (db): 20-38db
Estimated Insertion Loss (db): .25 db
Input Connector Type: SO-239 UHF or N female
Output Connector Connector Type: SO-239 UHF or N female
Ground Connector (Y/N): optional
Enclosure Size (LxWxH inches): 12" long, 2 in diameter


- Uses proprietary Multi-Mix, Multi-Core, Multi-Turn(TM) ferrite technology for maximum choking (up to -28 dB common mode noise rejection) and maximum bandwidth

- 2 KW PEP, 50 ohm SO-239 connectors In/Out, 14-170 MHz

- Suppresses transmitter coax feed line radiation when installed at antenna feed point or reduces common mode receiver "noise" when installed at radio end of coax.

- Available with ground stud/static bleeder option for solving tough RFI issues

- Works for all coax fed antennas from 14-170 MHz - excellent for multi-band beams, verticals, dipoles VHF arrays on amateur and commercial frequencies.

- 2-5 times more common mode noise rejection, wider bandwidth and higher power then competing filters in same frequency range

MAXI-CHOKER feed line chokes are used to suppress common mode current carried on the outside of the coax braid which is often responsible for receiver noise and RFI in the receiver/transmitter. These chokes are very useful for suppressing RFI common mode current at the antenna feed point, at 1/2 wavelength intervals along the coax feed line and also at the entrance to the radio station.

This choke is available with a SO-239 input/output and ground/static bleeder stud (optional) for attachment to a ground rod. Use an isolator every 1/2 wavelength for the antenna operating frequency (include velocity factor in calculation). Use the ground lug option for long coax antenna feed lines (over 1/2 wavelength at the operating frequency of any antenna system in the near field of the coax).

Need a smaller power rating but with same, great common mode suppression? Try our 500 watt PEP rated Mini-Choker HERE

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