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Marine/RV Owner’s Electronic Interference Suppression Kit

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Got an electronic interference problem on your boat or RV? Do you hear HUM-BUZZ-NOISE when you use the fish finder/radar/GPS/Generator or hear your voice on the stereo speakers when you transmit on the radio? Maybe you heard buzzing or humming when you turned on the battery charger/inverter/generator – any of these symptoms indicate you have RFI issues on your boat or RV and you need to stop it or the HUM-BUZZ-NOISE may drive you nuts!

But you don’t have to worry – We got the fix for you – lots of filters, all in a small box, that are easy to install on the wires of your electronic stuff that is bothered by the RFI.

If you have RFI, you need this kit:

Boat Owner’s Electronic Interference Suppression Kit

Use this filter kit to suppress interference noise between electronic devices on your boat including: radar, fish finders, audio/video systems, inverter noise, solar controllers, vhf radio, marine/ham radio, auto pilots, electronic gauges, PA systems, and many other electronic devices.

What is included:

A total of 17 Ferrite Ring/Snap-On Filters

Ring: 1.4” ID x 6, Snap on: 3/8” ID x 6, 1/2” ID x 5

Mix 31 Interference Range: 1-300 MHz

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