Snap On Sleeve Choke - 1"/25.4mm cable - 5 Bead


Snap On Sleeve Choke - 1"/25.4mm cable - 5 Bead SNO-1-5

Use for 1″ Cable

Typical Impedance per split bead: 1 MHz: 45 5 MHz: 90 ohms, 10 Mhz: 125 ohms, 25 MHz: 218 ohms, 100 MHz: 375 ohms, 250 MHz: 340 ohms

Select 10 bead version for use on 160 meters and above (10 bead version with optional heat shrink shown in picture).

The beads clamp to the cable and may be operated as is for indoor use. However, it is strongly suggested that they be covered to protect the plastic covers from weathering – use electrical tape for best results or heat shrink to ensure longer life. All kits come with instruction manual which covers assembly and application tips.

Application Note for using these Snap On split beads: How Many Chokes do I need?

As you can see from the above table and graph, you

can very effectively increase the choking impedance of smaller cable by

using a large hole ferrite bead and wrapping the cable through several

times. For particularly difficult common mode current/RFI problems you

may need a choking impedance as high as 5-10K ohms. Using multiple

beads and multiple turns through each bead will give higher impedances

up to a point. At higher frequencies, when the number of turns

approaches an electrical 1/4 wavelength, the choke becomes resonant due

to stray capacitance and the inductance of the cable and limits the high

end impedance values to less than the above table points

Application Note on FSB31-1: Choose the number of FSB31-1’s you need depending on the amount of choking needed. Note this chart is for a single, 3 turn loop with 1, 2 or 3 FSB-1’s. You may put more than one 3 turn loop in series to get additional choking of common mode currents. For 80-10 meters use three sets of 1 FSB-1 though 3 turns to get 3X the choking impedance of the FSB-1 x 1 graph above. To emphasize lower frequencies use multiple FSB-1 through the individual 3 turn loops. For comparison our Super Choker has 7 turns thru 5 cores and peaks near 6K ohms on 160 meters. We use 3 turn loop examples because this is the max turns you can get with RG-8 size cable (1/2″). Expect higher choking Z if you use RG-8X and more turns. Note: LMR-400 can get 4 turns.

For added choking you cascade the chokes in series as shown below:

3 Turns through 3 FSB-1 cores laid on ground for configuration prior to use.

3 Turns through 3 FSB31-1 cores laid on ground for configuration prior to use. Choking = 3X of a single core.

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Brand:Palomar Engineers
Effective Frequency Range (MHz):3-100
PEP Power Rating (watts):same as coax cable rating
Estimated Insertion Loss (db):.025
Input Connector Type:none
Output Connector Connector Type:none
Ground Connector (Y/N):none
Enclosure Size (LxWxH inches):none
Select # of beads 5 bead version - 3-100 MHz (0) 10 bead version 1.8-100 MHz (80)
Snap On Sleeve Choke - 1"/25.4mm cable - 5 BeadSnap On Sleeve Choke - 1"/25.4mm cable - 5 Bead