Bullet 50:50 (1:1) HF Balun, .1-61 MHz, 500 Watts PEP, Dipole Feed Line Choke included

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New improved version now goes down to 100 KHz and up to 61 MHz

The Bullet-1B is a triple core current balun with built in feed line choke offering up to 34 dB of common mode current rejection (plenty for most applications) to keep RFI off the coax outer braid. The Bullet-1B is housed in a compact enclosure (looks like a bullet) that is lightweight and easy to transport for your portable/permanent antenna solution. Halyard hoist at top of balun for convenient attachment point. Input is via SO-239 coax connector and output with dual side eye bolt output and wire strain relief. Rated 500 Watts PEP Watts from .1-61 MHz.

This balun/feedline choke keeps TRANSMIT RFI off the coax outer braid while transmitting. If your station suffers from common mode RFI noise on RECEIVE, then use one of our Common Mode Coax Noise Filters (such as the CMNF-500-50) that suppresses common mode noise on RECEIVE operations.

NOTE: We rate our Bullet baluns (and ununs) VERY conservatively at 500 watts PEP with a 50% duty cycle. Some manufacturers selling low cost baluns may use a 5% duty cycle for their PEP rating to make it appear you get a higher rated balun for a lower price, but you may in fact be getting be getting less. Their 1500 watts PEP really means 75 watts continuous or 150 watts at a 50% duty cycle compared to our 250 watts at 50% duty cycle. Our baluns typically cover a larger frequency range under 2:1 SWR which make your transceiver happy and probably will last longer with less electrical stress.

Remember we over engineer our products, to out perform our competition - just compare the weight of our baluns to theirs and you will know we put much more into our products so you don't have to worry about failure at a critical moment.

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