1:1 MINI-BALUN/Line Isolator, 50 Ohm input, 50 ohm Balanced Output 500 Watts PEP, 1-61 MHz, Ladder Line Interface to coax

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- Uses proprietary Multi-Mix, Multi-Core, Multi-Turn ferrite technology for maximum choking (up to -38 dB common mode noise rejection) and maximum bandwidth

- 500 Watts PEP, 50 ohm SO-239 connectors Input and Balanced Ouput, 1-61 MHz (usable to 100 MHz)

- Works for all coax fed antennas from 1.8-61 MHz (160-6 meters) - excellent for multi-band beams, verticals, dipoles, magnetic loops and highly unbalanced off center fed antennas.

- Excellent ladder line to coax interface - useful for remote antenna tuner interface

- 2-5 times more common mode noise rejection, wider bandwidth and higher power then competing isolators

For Higher Power needs use our CUBE(TM) 1:1 Baluns, Model CB-1-1500 (1.5KW) or CB-1-5000 (5KW)

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