1:1 MINI-BALUN/Line Isolator, 50 Ohm input, 50 ohm Balanced Output 500 Watts PEP, 1-61 MHz, Ladder Line Interface to coax, Flagpole Antenna, G5RV/ZS6BKW

Remote Tuner to Ladder Line Interface
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Product Details
Brand: Palomar Engineers
MPN: MB-1-500-50
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Effective Frequency Range (MHz): 1-60
PEP Power Rating (watts): 500 SSB (25% duty cycle), 250 Watts CW/FT8 (50% duty cycle)
Common Mode Attenuation (db): 20-38db
Estimated Insertion Loss (db): .25 db
Input Connector Type: SO-239 female
Output Connector Connector Type: Balanced output (Banana Connector)
Enclosure Size (LxWxH inches): 3" long, 2 in wide, 1.25" high

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