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MAXI-CHOKER Coax Line Isolator/Balun, 1-61 MHz, 3KW, SO-239 In/Stud Output, G5RV/ZS6BKW Replacement

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- Uses proprietary Multi-Mix(TM) technology for maximum choking (up to 5K ohm) and maximum bandwidth

- 3 KW PEP, 50 ohm SO-239 connectors In dual screw terminal output for ladder line, 1-61 MHz

- Hi choking resistance solves tough RFI issues

- Works for all coax fed antennas from 1.8-61 MHz (160-6 meters) - excellent for multi-band beams, verticals, dipoles and off center fed antennas.

- 2-5 times more choking resistance, wider bandwidth and higher power then competing filters

- great replacement choke for G5RV/ZS6BKW antennas or as a 1:1 ladder line to coax interface with high common mode choking to isolate the coax braid from becoming part of the antenna.

- Available with ground lug/internal static bleeder option

MAXI-CHOKER feed line chokes are used to suppress common mode current carried on the outside of the coax braid which is often responsible for receiver noise and RFI in the receiver/transmitter. These chokes are very useful for suppressing RFI common mode current at the antenna feed point or at a ladder line to coax junction, like a G5RV antenna.

Note: Color may be white or black depending on on inventory at time of order. Ladder Line shown NOT included.

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These impedance transformer kits have been designed for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiast and Instructor workshops on baluns and ununs for antenna matching and RFI use.

The impedance transformers are classified in ratios of 2:1 (100:50 ohm) to 16:1 (800:50 ohm).  The outputs can be configured as balanced (Balun) or as unbalanced (unun) with respect to the inputs which are considered all unbalanced coax at 50 ohms.  All impedance transformers are designed for 1.8-31 MHz unless otherwise specified.