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50:XX ohm CUBE™ Unun for vertical antennas - 1500 Watts, 1.8-10 MHz, choose 32, 18, 8 ohm output

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Model CU50XX-1500 Unun

Choose XX = 32, 18, 8 ohm output

Model CU5022-1500 is a unun for matching 50 ohm coax to low a impedance unbalanced load at RF power levels up to 1,500 watts PEP when used with a matched load. This assembled unun features a quad core configuration for increased power handling and flatter frequency response to 10 Mhz. With a matched resistive load the SWR over the frequency range 1.8 to 10 MHz is less than 1.5:1. Typical 160/80 meter helical verticals and verticals

CU-50XX-1500 is in a NEMA 4x4x2 weatherproof box with mounting flanges at bottom to attach to fixed location (mast, wall, etc). Output terminations are side studs marked with “+” and “-“.

Use a coax noise filter (CMNF-1500) at the station end of the coax to reduce noise from any vertical antenna or a feed line choke (MC-1-3000) to prevent the coax from becoming part of the antenna.

These ununs are custom made - please allow 2 weeks for manufacturing time prior to shipment

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