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CUBE Feed Line Choke Unun, 1.5KW, 30-180 MHz - 4/6 Meters and FM Broadcast

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1:1 CUBE™ Unun/Balun - 30-180 MHz, Excellent on 2, 4 and 6 Meter Band and FM Broadcast from 88-108 MHz

Th CU-1-1500VHF unun is useful as common mode feed line chokes or coax to antenna interfaces. SO-239 output models can also be used with balanced antennas if a short coax cable “pigtail” is used on the output and connected to the antenna. Rated 1500 Watts PEP from 30-150 MHz. Use as line isolator, antenna interface, or as a common mode choke to keep RF on the antenna and off the outside of the coax braid. Much more effective then our sleeve feed line chokes due to multi-turn ferrite topology using high permeability ferrite cores which provides a higher choking impedance over a broad frequency range. Typical choking impedance of 1.5K-4K from 30-150 MHz reduces common mode current! For most effective results, use one choke at the antenna and another at the radio. Helps reduce noise floor too by choking off common mode neighborhood noise picked up on outside of coax braid.

30-150 MHz, 1500 Watt, 50 ohm in/50 ohm output CUBE™

Housed in a weather resistant CUBE™ enclosure (4″ x 4″ x 2″). Great for 4 and 6 meter operation as well as commercial radio frequencies between 60-150 MHz. Typical impedance over the 30-150 MHz range:

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